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The Live Show hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on April 8; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on April 9; and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on April 10.  

The Virtual Show has already begun with buyers and sellers getting connected through our Exhibitor Marketplace Group on Facebook, while vendors are also busy customizing their Virtual Booths. View Exhibitors here!

During the Live Show hours, our home page will display our live presenters using interactive ZOOM technologies. This expo is FREE to the public and ZOOM is a FREE video conferencing tool that will allow you to watch and interact with our Presenters.  For those Presenters who are pre-recording their presentations, those will be delivered via streaming video.

Our Exhibitors will be featured in between our scheduled Presenters along with timely announcements throughout the show.

Scheduled Events  -  all times CST and subject to change

April 8th

9:00 am :  Welcome and Special Announcements
10:30 am :  Opening Ceremonies
11:00 am : Exhibitor Features
12:00 pm : Romulo, K-State University
1:00 pm :  Exhibitor Features
2:00 pm : Melissa Baldwin, Industrial Hemp
3:00 pm : Jessica Dumke, Double Down Ag / Black Canyon Seed
4:00 pm : JD Wing, Horse Training


April 9th

9:00 am :  JD Wing, Horse Training
10:00 am :  Dr. Tom Noffsinger Cattle Handling
11:00 am :  Sean Loomer, Hemp Extraction
12:00 pm :  K-State Presenter Jason Griffin
1:00 pm :  Exhibitor Feature Videos and Booths
2:00 pm :  JD Wing, Horse Training
3:00 pm :  Exhibitor Feature Videos and Booths
4:00 pm :  Hemp Education


April 10th

9:00 am :  Dr. Tom Noffsinger Cattle Handling
10:00 am : JD Wing, Horse Training
11:00 am :  Tessa Bauer, Plant Nutrition
12:00 pm :  K-State Presenter Dan O'Brien
1:00 pm :  John Kalosinis, Navigating your hemp career
2:00 pm :  Exhibitor Feature Videos and Booths
3:00 pm :  Exhibitor Feature Videos and Booths

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